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Our family office advisory services

FOSS Family Office Services Switzerland (FOSS) offers a unique family office advisory service. We support you with:

  • Advice on how to set up your own single-family office (in Switzerland or abroad),
  • Your search for and selection of a multi-family office in Switzerland, or alternatively,

  • Advice on selecting a suitable multi-family office in your home jurisdiction.

How do we support you?

Choosing a family office or setting up your own is not something you can decide on or do overnight. The selection of your wealth advisor is an extremely serious issue. Which family office solution is good (for you)? How do you establish a single-family office? Do you know which questions to ask when visiting a multi-family office for the first time? And does this particular provider deliver an integrated service or does it only purport to? FOSS helps you with your search for and selection of a suitable as well as high-quality family office solution. When wished for we can also assist you in finding an independent asset allocator or a provider of consolidated reporting services.

Our 4-stage process in short:

work flow of our services
  1. After you have contacted us we organise a face-to-face meeting with you (and/or your advisor) in Switzerland in order to analyse and map, based on our unique evaluation process, your and your family’s specific needs with regard to a family office;
  2. Based on these requirements we draw up a shortlist (of 3 or 4) of the most suitable high-quality family offices that offer the exact services you are searching for;
  3. Subsequently meetings with the selected multi-family offices are organised by us and, jointly with you (your advisor) and/or the family (representatives), we visit each one. During these visits we focus on selecting the multi-family office with the philosophy, services and accompanying cost structure that best fit your and your family's needs;
  4. Afterwards we jointly analyse the meetings, and ultimately you select the right/best family office for you and your family.

A unique offering

FOSS is currently the only service-provider in the world offering this kind of tailor-made assistance to families who are trying to find the right family office solution. Our years of experience enable us to also:

  • Act as sparring partner for families setting up their own single-family office (in Switzerland or abroad).
  • Help you find another multi-family office if you are unhappy with the services provided by your current one, in Switzerland or elsewhere in the world, or when you have outgrown your current advisor.
  • Assist in finding an independent asset allocator or a provider of consolidated reporting services.
  • Support families in finding another Trustee for their Trust, following a similar process.
  • Assist families with regard to the suitability of jurisdictions to relocate to.

Independent advisor

FOSS is a part of the wealth planning department of Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (UBP). FOSS’s services are provided fully independently from any family office or independent asset manager. FOSS is not a family office itself and neither FOSS nor UBP offer any in-house family office services. We therefore have a clear, independent and 100% objective view of the service level provided by all multi-family offices (in Switzerland).

Rope team on Swiss mountain top

Using our unique selection and mapping process we have, over the past years, built a database containing the key features of over 400 different multi-family offices in Switzerland. Every family office in our database is categorised with respect to, for example, size, language capabilities, focus market(s), investment services offered, whether they work with in-house or external specialists, cost structure, consolidated reporting capabilities, wealth planning services, years of experience, etc.

Thanks to our sophisticated evaluation process of your family's needs in combination with the data from our sizable database, we are able to successfully support you in finding the right family office solution in Switzerland.

Additional information

FOSS Family Office Services Switzerland offering presentation

You will find additional information about our services, and how we are compensated, in our frequently asked questions section or service offering presentation. Background information about our team can be found on the about us page.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our services. We look forward to assisting you in finding the right family office that exactly matches your needs!

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