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The FOSS Family Office Database

Our database contains the key features of the vast majority of multi-family offices located in Switzerland. The family offices included are categorised based on, among other things, all the services they do or do not provide. The FOSS Family Office Database is not a ranking table.

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No two family offices are the same

Due to an increasing number of wealthy families worldwide, not only the demand for multi-family offices' services is growing every year, but also the number of companies offering those services.

At first glance all those companies look the same to people who have not been exposed to these kinds of service-providers. But all multi-family offices are in fact different. They all provide different services or the same services in different ways. Most of them primarily focus on services related to the professional background of the founders. Some originate, for example, from a trust company, a law firm, or a single-family office and a considerable number of them were started by former private banking employees.

As a result of this growing number of service-providers, the task for people who have not been exposed to these kinds of providers of finding a suitable family office is becoming increasingly difficult.

How did we establish our database?

The vast majority of Swiss multi-family offices are included in our database. It has been developed entirely in-house by our team – it contains information based on their own research as well as data extracted from the family office mapping questionnaire.

The family office mapping questionnaire is one of the tools we use to evaluate and map the key features of all Swiss multi-family offices. Every office in Switzerland can (still) fill in our mapping questionnaire and subsequently be added to our database, which therefore keeps developing every year.

What kind of information does our database contain?

Village in mountains of Switzerland

Apart from standard information such as address and contact details, our database contains detailed information with respect to the ownership of each family office, all the services it provides, its areas of expertise, its staff, its language capabilities, its cost structure, its origin, etc.

There is no 'best' family office

Our database is not a ranking table. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ model. There are good family offices and better ones, but there is no 'best' family office. There are only family offices which best fit your specific situation and which are able to serve you best according to your specific needs. And FOSS is there to help you find that particular one.

The FOSS family office database is an in-house instrument provided by the wealth planning department of Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (UBP) to support wealthy families from around the globe with the selection of a (Swiss) multi-family office. It is neither for sale nor in any other way (commercially) utilised. Neither FOSS nor UBP offers in-house family office services to its clients. Therefore we are able to advise you unbiased and objectively.

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If you represent a multi-family office and want to make sure your data is included in our database or you are interested in UBP as a custodian bank, please do not hesitate to contact us via database@switzerland-family-office.com. Inclusion in the database is free of charge.